A Letter from Donald Trump – Week in Review

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We traveled all over the country and met so many incredible voters in Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. I was also honored to receive some really important endorsements. The enthusiasm and momentum is amazing and it is so important we keep it going! We are one week away from the Iowa Caucus and if you don’t know your Caucus location you can visit Donaldjtrump.com to find out where you should be Monday night to show your support!

Last Monday I spoke at Liberty University with a record crowd. It was an incredible day and I was so impressed with the school. Jerry Falwell Jr. delivered a beautiful introduction and I was really honored by the reception I received by so many students and supporters.


The record crowd at Liberty University

That afternoon I traveled to Concord, New Hampshire for a rally with some great people. We have huge leads in all of the most recent New Hampshire polls and I look forward to visiting again twice this week.


The crowd showing their support in Concord, NH

On Tuesday we traveled to Iowa and were endorsed by two really special people. First, in Winterset, Iowa, the birthplace of the legendary John Wayne, I received the endorsement of John’s daughter, Aissa. Later that day, I spoke at the Renewable Fuel Summit and discussed the importance of ethanol subsidies.


John Wayne’s daughter, Aissa accompanying me in Winterset, IA


The Annual Renewable Fuel Summit

We ended the day in Ames, Iowa where I was joined by Governor Sarah Palin who spoke about her enthusiastic support for my campaign and gave a resounding endorsement of my candidacy for President of the United States. I was really honored to be endorsed by Sarah who is an influential conservative leader and respected voice in the party.


Joined by Sarah Palin in Ames, IA

On Wednesday we had another event in Norwalk, Iowa before traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was an honor to be joined by Sarah, who gave an amazing speech in Tulsa. We had 15,000 in attendance at the rally and it was a great event.


The massive crowd in Tulsa, OK

On Thursday I spoke to thousands at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are leading all the Nevada state polls and the reception was incredible. Later that day I attended the Outdoor Sportsman Awards with my sons Don Jr. and Eric. We are all proud members of the NRA and they are excellent marksmen who enjoy hunting, angling and more. In addition to Don and Eric, I was joined by Willie Robertson. Willie, star of Duck Dynasty, and a really successful guy with a wonderful family whom I greatly respect, endorsed me for President. His support means so much.


Me and Willie Robertson at the Outdoor Sportsman Awards

On Friday I returned to Iowa and stayed in Sioux City before traveling to Sioux Center for an amazing event on Saturday. We had thousands in attendance and the speech was really well received by all. We then traveled to Pella, Iowa where we were met by another massive crowd!


Speaking to the crowd on Saturday in Iowa

My weekend in Iowa ended in Muscatine, where I attended Sunday service at the First Presbyterian Church and then spoke to a great crowd at the Muscatine High School.


Leaving mass from the First Presbyterian Church before heading to the rally


Greeting the crowd in Muscatine, IA

The polls have been incredible! We are gaining support and momentum in all three early primary states and it is so important to vote!

We are one week away from the Iowa Caucus and with your help and support I really feel I can make our country better than ever before. If you live in Iowa, be sure to find your Caucus location at DonaldJTrump.com and I look forward to seeing you in New Hampshire,South Carolina and beyond very soon.

Together we will Make America Great Again!

Best Wishes,


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  • BUSH 2.13% (10,376 votes)
  • CARSON 8.78% (42,815 votes)
  • CHRISTIE 1.28% (6,226 votes)
  • CRUZ 13.88% (67,705 votes)
  • HUCKABEE 3.31% (16,147 votes)
  • KASICH 4.81% (23,449 votes)
  • PAUL 6.35% (30,949 votes)
  • RUBIO 9.74% (47,477 votes)
  • TRUMP 46.08% (224,706 votes)
  • WALKER 3.64% (17,841 votes)

Total Votes: 487,691

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Urgent Message from Donald J. Trump

Dear Friend,

Since I announced my candidacy for the Republican nomination for president I have soared to first place in the polls, defying the mainstream media and the GOP establishment.

I am rising in the polls because of you – and the fact that I am offering the American people an alternative to the inept career politicians who talk big but never produce results.

I have a long track record of producing big results. Very big results.

Frankly, I am running for president because I hate seeing what is happening to America – the country I love so much.

I am sick and tired of China and Mexico and all other countries beating us at the negotiating table – getting one-sided trade deals from Washington officials.

They have been letting these countries rip off our jobs, killing our potential for economic growth.

Let’s face it, America is in deep trouble.

We are a laughing stock around the globe as our incompetent leaders like Obama and Hillary Clinton get outmaneuvered.

Our economy is a disaster.

I think the American people are ready for some hard truths.

You know I call it the way I see it.

Thanks to Obama, the American dream is dead.

But I can bring it back – bigger and better and stronger than ever before.

A few weeks ago the political establishment went crazy when I pointed out the fact that some illegal aliens from Mexico, being pushed into our country by the Mexican government, are bringing crime, drugs and murder to the United States.

The media tried to smear me, claiming I was “racist” and that I attacked the Mexican people.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I forced the media to focus on a number of horrific crimes in which U.S. citizens were killed by illegal immigrants who got into the country because our borders are so porous practically anyone can walk into the United States.

In the face of this media onslaught, my poll numbers actually went up.

I even pulled well ahead of Jeb Bush, the supposed “front-runner.”

Bush is a weak and ineffective leader who would merely preside over the continued decline of this country. If he gets the nomination, we lose in 2016.

I am very critical of John McCain’s record in the U.S. Senate. He has done little to help veterans.

John McCain has been in the Senate for 30 years and worked closely with Senator Bernie Sanders to pass legislation to ensure that no one was held responsible for the scandal at Obama’s Veterans Administration, in which over 1,000 of our veterans died waiting for medical care.

Ironically many of these veterans died in the VA hospital in Phoenix, Arizona – McCain’s home state!

It’s just like Benghazi – incompetent and pathetic officials screw up, then Americans die . . . and no one in Washington is held responsible.

My concern is for all those men and women who served this country.

As president, I would build the finest Veterans Hospital system in the world where our veterans would have universal access – and I will do it for far less in tax dollars than we are spending now on our disgraceful broken Veterans Administration health care system.

The political establishment is in shock over the way I have taken the lead in the presidential race – and they are scared to death.

I am not afraid – I know Americans like you are with me.

Because my campaign will be funded mostly with my own money, the Washington insiders know that the lobbyists and special interests will have no influence in a Trump administration.

The special interests know you can’t “buy” me.

As I have traveled across the country I have met thousands of Americans who want to join our crusade. Actually, some people are calling it a movement.

The media, however, wants to claim that I have no grass-roots support.

I want to prove them wrong. I am asking you to stand with me and join with me today.

I believe so much in this campaign and that we can Make America Great Again, that I will match dollar-for-dollar every dollar donated by people like you.

If you will send a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more I will personally match whatever gift you give.

If you can send $500, $1,000 or more, I will also match that.

Show your support – Go Here Now

I want to show the liberal media that not since the days of Ronald Reagan has there been such a grass-roots movement of people ready to transform our party and our country.

My #1 goal is to create the greatest economic boom in American history, to unleash the incredible spirit of free enterprise in this country – get America moving again!

I have been tremendously blessed in this country.

I want all American families to share in the great economic opportunities this country offers.

I am very rich and I created something very special.

I want to make you and the American people rich.

I have no doubt the liberal media and the GOP establishment will continue to attack me.

But, make no mistake, I will never back down or apologize in the fight to make the America great again.

Stand with me today and send a powerful message to the establishment by supporting my campaign

Please rush me your answer today – Go Here Now.


Donald J. Trump

P.S. I so strongly believe in what I am doing that I am willing to match every dollar you contribute to my campaign. Jeb Bush just raised over $100 million from Washington insiders. His donors are not donating to me because they can’t own me. Show America you want to join me in taking back Washington – Go Here Now


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